Latisse UK after chemotherapy

A study has demonstrated that Latisse will grow eyelashes lost to chemotherapy quicker than using a placebo.

The paper was published by Dr Glaser after monitoring 130 patients that had finished chemotherapy and lost their eyelashes.

96 of these patients used Latisse daily for 1 year and 34 used a placebo of sterile water for 6 months before switching to Latisse for the subsequent 6 months.

After 4 months their eyelashes were longer as assessed by doctors when compared to the placebo. After 1 year 90% of patients had significantly longer eyelashes compared to the 16 week mark.

Samples of the eyelashes were measured after chemotherapy and after 1 year. The hairs were 180% thicker, 28.5% longer and 14.4% darker.

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